CDW Engineering is pleased to offer you a unique commercial inspection training product. The product walks you through an inspection of a low-rise office/retail building.

We selected a typical low rise commercial building and inspected it according to the ASTM Standard for Property Condition Assessments. This visual training tool shows you the inspection. It’s like being there, only better, because you can watch it over and over again at your convenience.


This is not a video tape of a classroom training course. In fact it’s not a video at all. It’s a unique educational technique made popular by Clarus Group. It’s very much like attending a seminar. High resolution photographs and voice narration carry you through a complete inspection of a commercial building from start to finish.

The seminar comes on a CD-ROM or USB drive, and runs on your personal computer. View the seminar in your office or on the road between inspections. Pop the disk or USB in the drive and the main menu pops up. Then click your way through the presentation. The entire show is just under ninety minutes long.


Inspecting a commercial building is very different than inspecting a home. The systems are different; the standards are different. This product is for you if:

  • If you have ever been curious about what’s involved in performing a commercial building inspection.
  • You would like to start inspecting commercial buildings.
  • You already inspect commercial buildings, but would like to find out how another commercial building inspection company is conducting the inspection.

This disk steps you through an inspection of a small office/retail building. The building is three stories with a flat roof. The ground floor is mixed retail and restaurant and the upper two floors are offices and a dental practice. There is a basement area and a crawlspace area. The building is vintage 1930 with lots of interesting things to see including rooftop package units, three phase 600 volt electrical system, an elevator, and much more.

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