CDW Engineering has been the leading Commercial Building Inspection firm since 1978. Focused exclusively on commercial buildings, CDW Engineering reduces risk when buying, selling, leasing, refinancing or maintaining your commercial real estate assets. Whether your requirement for timely information on the condition of your property is during due diligence or for capital renewal planning, our engineers deliver meaningful reports. Our building assessments include all major building systems and reports include budget cost estimates and time frames for major repairs and replacements. The result is a company that has the technical know-how, but just as important, the ability to convey information concisely to the layperson.

CDW Engineering prides itself on being able to exceed our clients’ expectations through prompt service and professionalism. We inspect all types of buildings, from industrial and retail, to sports complexes and airports.

Our Sustainability and Energy Solutions services assist property owners to realize true value in their properties by knowing what retrofits can be done with an acceptable return on investment. Through this work, we also benefit clients by facilitating the attainment of desired certification for their assets. This includes LEED Certification and, BOMA BESt.

Five Reasons to Choose CDW Engineering

  1. Consulting Engineers – CDW Engineering has the expertise that will provide the professional advice you can trust and depend on.
  2. Experience – CDW Engineering has over 20 years’ experience helping directors make informed and correct decisions.
  3. Specialization – CDW Engineering specializes in Reserve Fund Studies and inspections only; no follow-up services are provided, thereby ensuring unbiased professional information with no conflict of interest.
  4. Focus – Small to medium-sized residential and business condominiums are our primary focus.
  5. Value – Prompt professional service. Accurate and informative studies including a post study meeting with the board of directors.