An Energy Audit Can Save You Money and the Environment!

Why update your lighting, HVAC systems, plumbing fixtures or upgrade the thermal performance of your building envelope? Because it will reduce your operating expenses  and will reduce your impact on the environment!

Carson Dunlop Weldon & Associates is a consulting engineering firm that has specialized in building assessments since 1978. Our philosophy for energy audits is to provide sound recommendations for improvements or upgrades with realistic payback periods. We provide additional value, by identifying applicable incentives from government, utility providers, etc. and assisting in the completion of the necessary application forms. We do not offer contracting services; therefore, you know our opinions are unbiased.

As it is difficult to compare the cost of professional services, we hope the following information about our firm will help you in your decision.

Our Energy Audit services meet or exceed ASHRAE Standard 211-2018 – Standard for Commercial Building Energy Audits. This standard applies to all buildings except single-family houses and multifamily structures of three stories or fewer above grade.

The energy audit is divided into the following steps:

  1. Perform historic energy use analysis prior to the site visit. This requires review of your utility bills for the past 24 months.
  2. Perform site review of the building and confirm its operating characteristics.
  3. Identify potential building system or envelope updates or repairs that will reduce energy use and operating costs.
  4. Identify available incentives from government and utility providers to reduce the capital costs for the energy saving measures
  5. Prepare a report to document the analysis process, recommendations and paybacks for the recommended measures.

As part of the energy audit, the historic energy use will be used to rate the subject building in comparison with similar buildings. The potential modifications and cost savings will be based on engineering and economic analyses. The recommended modifications will be rank-ordered, including initial budget cost estimates for the modifications and the simple payback periods. A list of immediate low / no cost improvements to save energy and the environment will also be provided.

All field work and report writing is performed by consultants who specialize in the area of building assessments and energy audits. A Professional Engineer will oversee all aspects of the project.

Become ‘greener’ by saving money, energy and the environment. Call today for further details.