Energy Audits

Elevate your building’s efficiency by harnessing the power of energy audits

Optimizing the energy performance of your commercial building is not only a smart decision, but also essential for ensuring long-term prosperity. At CDW Engineering, we prioritize the optimization of efficiency while also minimizing environmental impact. We provide clients throughout Canada with a wide range of energy audit services. Our goal is to help them uncover substantial savings, improve sustainability, reduce carbon footprints and manage the risks that come with outdated infrastructure and increasing energy expenses.

The value of energy audits in maximizing savings and sustainability

Investing in energy-efficiencies and upgrades has many benefits that go beyond simply reducing operational costs. It future-proofs your investment and allows you to stay ahead of regulatory requirements. Through a comprehensive energy audit, you can acquire valuable insights into your building’s current energy usage, pinpoint areas that can be improved, and create a plan to enhance efficiency and decrease carbon emissions. This not only leads to significant cost savings, but also showcases your dedication to sustainability and corporate responsibility, bolstering your brand reputation and attracting tenants and customers who prioritize the environment.

CDW Engineering is your partner in energy efficiency

CDW Engineering is a recognized energy audit expert with over three decades of building assessment and engineering consultancy experience. Our experienced team of professionals provide unmatched service and actionable recommendations for every project. We work with property owners, managers, and investors to understand their goals and provide tailored solutions that deliver measureable results.

Unbiased recommendations

CDW Engineering prides itself on its independence and objectivity. Unlike other contracting organizations, we only provide unbiased assessments and recommendations that prioritize your best interests. When you work with us for an energy audit, you can be confident that our recommendations are based on facts, innovation, and a dedication to providing maximum value. We go above and above to identify suitable government and utility incentives, allowing you to maximize savings and ROI while avoiding conflicts of interest.

Meeting and exceeding industry standards – ASHRAE Standard 211-2018 (R2023)

CDW Engineering energy audits are designed to meet or exceed ASHRAE Standard 211-2018 (R2023), the gold standard for commercial building energy audits. This ensures that our audits adhere to best practices and deliver actionable insights for optimizing energy performance. By following industry-approved methodologies and protocols, we provide clients with a clear roadmap for achieving energy efficiency goals and reducing environmental impact.

The ASHRAE Standard 211-2018 defines the several levels of energy audits: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 energy audits. The higher the number, the more detail the audit report contains. The most common audit level is Level 2.

A comprehensive approach from analysis to action

Our energy audit process is designed to provide a holistic assessment of your building’s energy performance and identify opportunities for improvement. We start by analyzing historic energy usage data to establish baseline consumption patterns and identify areas of inefficiency. Next, we conduct on-site reviews to assess the condition and operation schedule of key building systems, such as HVAC, lighting, as well as assess insulation levels and relative air tightness in the building envelope. We then identify potential upgrades, repairs, and operational changes that can reduce energy consumption and operating costs while enhancing comfort and indoor air quality.

The value of our energy reports in informing decisions

One of the primary advantages of our energy audit services is the detailed reporting and analysis we provide to our clients. Our detailed reports cover the full auditing process, from data collection and analysis to recommendations and implementation strategies. We deliver clear, actionable insights based on your individual needs and goals, such as initial budget cost estimations, payback periods, and potential incentives from government and utility providers for energy-saving solutions. With our reports in hand, you’ll be able to make informed judgments and select investments that provide the best return.

Expert oversight to ensure quality and accuracy

At CDW Engineering, we prioritize quality and precision. All fieldwork and report writing are conducted by experienced technical personnel who specialize in building assessments and energy audits. A Professional Engineer oversees all elements of the project, giving technical oversight and ensuring that our recommendations are consistent with industry best practices and regulatory standards. You can feel confident that the solutions we propose are accurate, practical, cost-effective, and tailored to your specific needs.

Unlock your building’s energy efficiency potential with CDW Engineering

Want to improve your building’s energy efficiency? Energy Audits from CDW Engineering promote sustainability and efficiency. Our team can help you cut costs, improve tenant comfort, or lead the way on sustainability. Contact us today to see how we can help you maximize your building’s potential while lowering your environmental impact and increasing your bottom line.