Structural Engineering

Empower your building’s future with comprehensive structural engineering services by CDW Engineering

When it comes to preserving and increasing the value of their assets, property owners, managers, and investors face a variety of difficulties in today’s competitive real estate market. Proactive and strategic solutions are more important than ever because of aging building stock and changing regulatory requirements. CDW Engineering can help with that. With more than 30 years of expertise in building consulting, CDW Engineering is your trusted partner for structural engineering  services that enable you to take control of your real estate investments, reduce risks, and maximize your returns.

Our comprehensive suite of structural engineering services ranges from feasibility studies, preliminary design, detailed design, specifications and drawing preparation, contract administration, and construction reviews during the project to ensure the intent of the design is met.

Rehabilitation and Restoration Engineering Services

As buildings age, they require ongoing maintenance, rehabilitation, and restoration to ensure they remain safe, functional, aesthetically pleasing, and adaptable to changing functional needs. CDW Engineering provides services for the evaluation, restoration, modification, and rehabilitation of existing structures including:

You can protect the integrity of your building, reduce risks, and get the most out of your investment by working with CDW on your rehabilitation and restoration projects. In order to pinpoint problem areas and create specialized solutions that deal with the underlying causes of problems, our team of professionals performs extensive assessments. We collaborate closely with you at every stage, from the initial assessment to the final implementation, to make sure your project is finished on schedule and within your allocated budget.

New Construction Design

For new construction projects, including residential and commercial, and industrial buildings, our structural expertise spans concrete, steel, wood, and masonry structures, ensuring a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective design. Our team of experienced engineers utilizes advanced software and techniques to analyze and design a structure that meets all relevant building codes and standards.

Construction Review

Construction activities are complex and require periodic review to ensure that the work meets design intent and industry standards. CDW Engineering offers complete construction review services to monitor all areas of construction activity and ensure compliance with design documentation. From site visits to progress reports, we keep a tight eye on the construction process to identify potential problems early and mitigate risks before they become serious.

Unforeseen conditions are part of any construction project. Having CDW Engineering on your side assures that any additional work is first essential, and that the repair is appropriately designed and completed at a reasonable cost.

Whether you are planning a new construction project or upgrading an existing facility, CDW Engineering is your reliable partner in ensuring that your project meets the highest standards.

Partner with CDW Engineering

Do not leave your building restoration project to chance. Partner with CDW Engineering to realize the full potential of your property. With our comprehensive engineering services, you can rest assured that your building is in qualified hands and that its future is secure. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reach your goals while protecting your investments for future generations.