A home inspection is a professional consulting service, and an important step in selling or buying a home. It helps buyers make an informed decision about one of the largest investment of their lives. It helps sellers by making the process go quickly and smoothly.

A home inspection is a professional opinion based on a visual evaluation of the home’s performance. The content and quality of the inspection and the report vary widely among practitioners. As with many professions, there is no substitute for experience.

Carson Dunlop have been doing inspections since 1978 and we have helped more than 125,000 clients make an educated and informed decision. We are a fully-integrated consulting engineering company that has earned a strong reputation as pioneers in the profession. At Carson Dunlop, a great inspection is just the beginning. Our FREE telephone and e-mail consulting service is available as long as you own the home. We are committed to providing you with the knowledge to make good decisions around your home.

Buying a home?
Join our consultant as they go through the home to learn about the property and make an informed decision. Our clear, easy-to-read report gives you what you need to make your decision today and what you need to know after you settle in. For more information on buyers’ inspections, click here.

Selling a home?
A Carson Dunlop report will help the sale move quickly and smoothly. It adds speed, clarity and logic to the transaction. For more information, click here.

Buying a new home?
Our New Construction Inspection helps people buying newly built homes. New homes cannot be evaluated by their performance because they have not had a chance to perform. Instead, our focus is on whether the construction is consistent with modern building practices. We identify issues that may lead to non-performance. New homes are protected by warranty, and our inspection identifies warranted issues. To learn more, click here.

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