Barrier-Free Compliance Assessments

Ensure property accessibility with comprehensive Barrier-Free Compliance Assessments

CDW Engineering is your partner in assessing¬†your buildings’ physical condition, functionality, and accessibility in the built environment. In an era where inclusivity and accessibility are critical, our Barrier-Free Compliance Assessment services ensure that your facilities satisfy the necessary accessibility criteria for all users.

The evolution of barrier-free design

Barrier-free design arose in response to the need to create inviting and accessible spaces for people of all abilities. These design criteria originated in building codes in the 1970s and have evolved significantly over time. The primary goal has always been to reduce barriers and improve accessibility, not just as a legal necessity, but as a necessary component of establishing inclusive places that meet the different needs of populations.

CDW Engineering’s role in promoting accessibility

CDW Engineering understands the importance of accessibility in today’s built environment. Our team is committed to conducting complete Barrier-Free Compliance Assessments that enable owners to accommodate people with all abilities to navigate their properties with ease and dignity.

Our Barrier-Free Compliance Assessment in detail

Our Barrier-Free Compliance Assessments are meticulously designed to evaluate your property’s adherence to code requirements. Let’s delve deeper into some of the key components covered in our assessments:

Access to parking areas

We assess the accessibility of parking areas and passenger loading zones, ensuring that designated accessible parking is provided in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Exterior walkways

Our assessments include an evaluation of exterior walkways within the barrier-free path of travel to identify any barriers or obstacles that may impede pedestrian movement and to ensure appropriate accessibility features have been provided.

Barrier-free entrances

We examine the location, design and layout of entrances to ensure that they accommodate individuals with disabilities.

Barrier-free paths of travel

Our assessments focus on ensuring clear and unobstructed paths of travel are provided throughout the property and between floors, allowing for easy access and navigation for individuals using mobility aids.


We assess the design and construction of ramps, ensuring that they meet the required slope, width, handrail and landing specifications for barrier-free accessibility.

Doors and doorways

We evaluate the accessibility of doors and doorways, including considerations such as width, maneuvering clearance, and operable hardware.

Assistive listening devices and visual aids

Our assessments include an evaluation of assistive listening devices, ensuring that they are provided in areas where auditory communication is essential. We also review visual aids/components on fire and smoke detectors.

Designated wheelchair seating and adaptable seating

We assess seating arrangements to ensure that designated wheelchair seating and adaptable seating options are available in compliance with regulatory standards.

Tactile attention indicators

We evaluate the provision of tactile attention indicators, such as tactile warning strips, that alert individuals with vision impairments to changes in elevation or hazards.


Our assessments include a review of signage to ensure that it is clear, visible, and easily legible for individuals with visual impairments.


We assess the accessibility of controls, including light switches, thermostats, manual pull stations and other environmental controls, to ensure that they are within reach and operable by individuals with mobility impairments.

Wall-mounted telephones

We evaluate the accessibility of wall-mounted telephones, ensuring that they are positioned at an appropriate height and equipped with features that facilitate their use by individuals with disabilities.

Drinking fountains

Our assessments include an evaluation of drinking fountains to ensure that they are accessible to individuals with varying heights and mobility impairments.

Barrier-free washrooms

We assess the number and location of barrier-free accessible washrooms, as well their design and layout to ensure that they are provided sufficiently throughout the building. Public washroom design and layout considerations include  clear floor space for maneuverability, and positioning of plumbing fixtures, grab bars and accessories both within water closets and within tub and shower enclosures.

Accessible residential suites

We evaluate the basic accessibility features required in residential suites, such as barrier-free path of travel between key living/sleeping areas, while ensuring the proportion and distribution of suites relative to non-barrier-free suites meets the governing regulations.

Swimming pool and spa facilities

We evaluate the accessibility of swimming pool and spa facilities, ensuring that they meet the required standards for entry, circulation, and use by individuals with disabilities.

Why perform a Barrier-Free Compliance Assessment?

Building code requirements are not retroactive to existing buildings, but they generally apply to all newly constructed buildings, those undergoing a change of use, or buildings undergoing extensive renovations. Our Barrier-Free Compliance Assessments provide valuable insights for building owners and users, helping them understand the required level of compliance with current regulations for the purpose of future capital planning and design. By identifying areas of non-compliance, we offer awareness of the necessary remedial measures to ensure accessibility and avoid unforeseen costs during future renovations or changes of use.

The CDW Engineering advantage

CDW Engineering takes pride in our commitment to excellence and dedication to promoting accessibility in the built environment. When you choose us for your Barrier-Free Compliance Assessment needs, you can expect:


Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in barrier-free design and compliance standards.


Our assessment leaves no stone unturned., We ensure each property is carefully and meticulously evaluated. When combined with a property condition assessment, our barrier free compliance assessments provide a full picture of the necessary updates and capital expenditures required for your property.

Tailored solutions

We understand that each property is unique, which is why we provide customized reports and deliverables tailored specifically to reflect the uniqueness of the property..


By identifying potential barriers early on during the design stage, our expertise helps our clients reduce costly retrofits that may be required in the future.

Regulatory compliance

Our assessments align with the latest regulations outlined in the National and Provincial Codes, providing peace of mind to our clients that latest requirements are being adhered to.

Take the first step towards accessibility

CDW Engineering believes that accessibility is not just a legal requirement but a fundamental aspect of creating inclusive environments. Whether you’re a building owner, developer, or facility manager, our Barrier-Free Compliance Assessment services can help you with the first step in achieving compliance and creating spaces that can accommodate everyone with comfort, ease and dignity.

Don’t let barriers hinder accessibility in your properties. Partner with CDW Engineering today and take the first step towards creating inclusive environments that comply with regulatory standards. Contact us to schedule a Barrier-Free Compliance Assessment and unlock the full potential of your properties.