Pre-Construction and Post-Construction Surveys

CDW Engineering’s Pre- and Post-Construction Surveys help you minimize risks and increase value

Construction projects may present a variety of risks and uncertainties, particularly for nearby property owners and developers. To address these concerns, CDW Engineering provides  Pre-Construction Surveys (PCS) that identify existing signs of exterior and roof damage, as well as structural settlement, prior to construction starting. With decades of expertise servicing clients across all markets in Canada, CDW Engineering is a trusted partner for risk mitigation in construction projects.

The importance of Pre-Construction Surveys

Before breaking ground on a construction project, it is critical to inspect the neighbouring properties for any pre-existing issues that may be affected by the construction activity. A Pre-Construction Survey is an important tool for recording the current status of adjacent properties, safeguarding both property owners and developers from future disputes and claims linked to construction-related damage.

Benefits for property owners

For property owners, a Pre-Construction Survey provides peace of mind by documenting the existing conditions of their property before construction begins. By identifying any damage or structural issues beforehand, property owners can hold developers accountable for any damages that may occur during construction, ensuring fair and prompt resolution of claims.

Benefits for developers

A Pre-Construction Survey is a proactive measure developers use to avoid risks and defend against potential property damage claims. Developers can accurately document the pre-existing conditions by conducting a thorough assessment of nearby properties before construction begins. In the event of a dispute, the survey results provide critical evidence to support the developer’s viewpoint and facilitate a fair resolution.

Post-construction follow-up

In addition to pre-construction surveys, CDW Engineering provides post-construction follow-up surveys to capture any changes or new abnormalities developed during construction. This proactive strategy ensures that any construction-related defects are resolved as soon as possible, reducing the likelihood of future disputes and claims.

Comprehensive Surveys

CDW Engineering’s Pre- and Post Construction Surveys include a thorough inspection of the property next to the construction site. Before completing the survey, our team studies the proposed new building’s plans to understand the ramifications of the proposed.

During the survey, our expert inspectors photograph and document any existing cracks or irregularities they find. We may also install crack monitoring gauges over cracks near the intended construction location to track changes over time. Videos are commonly used to document the state of hard surfaces and site operations.

Municipal requirements and compliance

CDW Engineering is well-versed in municipal requirements for pre-construction surveys, assuring complete adherence to local regulations and bylaws. For example, in the City of Toronto, specific laws (By-law 363-2021) require pre-construction inspections of nearby structures to detect existing fractures and structural hazards. Our team ensures that all surveys meet or surpass these standards, delivering clients complete and compliance reports.

Why choose CDW Engineering

Clients who choose CDW Engineering for Pre- and Post-Construction Surveys benefit from our considerable experience, industry-leading knowledge, and dedication to excellence. Our engineers combine technical expertise with exceptional communication abilities, resulting in clear and concise reports that precisely capture the pre-existing state of nearby properties.

With CDW Engineering as your partner, you can reduce risks, safeguard your investments, and increase the value of your construction projects. Contact us today to learn more about our Pre- and Post-Construction Survey services, and discover the CDW Engineering difference.