Replacement of a roofing system is costly and there are many questions to consider:

  • What membrane should I use?
  • Should the roof insulation be upgraded when reroofing?
  • Should the existing roofing system be removed first?
  • What is a fair price for the work?
  • How do I ensure my new roofing system is being installed properly?
  • Is there any abandoned rooftop equipment that should be removed or idle roof deck penetrations that need to be properly covered concurrent with the work?
  • Am I getting the right warranty?

The best way to ensure the roofing system that gets installed is done properly, and the cost of the work is fair, is to engage a specialist.

A roofing specialist from CDW Engineering would undertake the following:

  • Prepare a specification for the work, based on the building use, type and your budget requirements.
  • Bid the work out in a competitive bid process, to ensure you are receiving a fair price. If roofing contractors are asked to provide quotes on their own, there is no apple to apple comparison to be made.
  • Oversee the work. This includes periodic inspection during the reroofing, to ensure conformance with the design and contract documents.
  • Certify payments. This makes sure you do not advance too much money before the work is done and that there is the required 10% holdback.
  • Ensure the proper warranty documents are provided to the owner.

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