One of the best ways to maximize the value of your asset and reduce operating expenses is to retrofit with more efficient equipment. This process starts with an Energy Audit.

An Energy Audit by CDW Engineering is performed by experienced engineers and follows ASHRAE and Natural Resources Canada guidelines. Our philosophy for energy audits is to provide sound recommendations for upgrades with realistic payback periods. We provide additional value, by identifying applicable incentives from various levels of government, utility providers, etc., considering the useful life of the existing equipment in our recommendations and by assisting in the completion of the necessary incentive application forms. While we understand the need to minimize our impact on the environment, we also recognize that an acceptable return on investment is an important consideration. We do not offer design or contracting services; therefore, you know our recommendations are unbiased.


A CDW Engineering Energy Audit consists of the following four steps:

  1. Perform historic energy use analysis prior to the site visit.
  2. Perform site review of the building and its operating characteristics.
  3. Identify potential modifications that will reduce the energy use and/or operating cost. This includes mechanical and electrical systems, as well as building envelope.
  4. Prepare a report to document the analysis, results and ranked recommendations, including appropriate cost to implement, and pay back time.


Because it is the first step to saving you money! Here are a few more reasons retrofits make sense:

  • It will reduce your impact on the environment
  • There are incentives available to reduce your capital costs for the improvements
  • By attaining accreditation, such as LEED EBOM or the BOMA BESt standard, you will attract tenants looking to save money and be a greener corporation
  • It will increase the value of your property