Home inspection is a rewarding professional consulting practice. Home inspection consultants help buyers make informed decisions about the property they are considering. Like doctors who are general practitioners, home inspection consultants are generalists with broad knowledge across several disciplines from the foundation to the roof, and everything in between.

Home inspection is a growing profession. A few years ago, home inspection did not exist in North America. Now, more than 70% of resale homes are inspected. For more on the home inspection profession, click here.

You do not need a construction background to succeed. Our program is built from the ground up. If you like homes and working with people, and don’t want to be chained to a desk, home inspection may be perfect for you.

The Carson Dunlop Advantage

We are a fully integrated company with a strong reputation for quality. We have been inspecting homes since 1978 and have provided training for thousands of inspectors since 1991. We don’t just teach home inspection, we practice it every day, in one of the country’s largest inspection firms. We have created report writing systems for home inspectors that are used throughout the country.

Our education program was forged from years of applied knowledge. It is not a one or two week introductory program. No one can learn a complex consulting profession in a couple of weeks. It is a complete career training program. We use the program to train our own people. We keep it elegantly simple, providing exactly what you need.

Our program has been widely recognized and adopted by schools, colleges, universities and professional associations including CAHPI and ASHI.

Carson Dunlop, with 34 years experience, is one of the oldest and largest companies in the home inspection profession. Since 1978, we have been leaders and innovators, helping to shape this young profession. We are uniquely diversified with six business lines:

  • Home inspection
  • Commercial inspection
  • Energy audits
  • Home inspection training
  • Continuing education for home inspectors and allied professionals
  • Report writing systems